Thursday, May 31, 2007

Diamond Blues

We lost our Diamond customer service rep, Kyle. He worked for them for around 7 years and finally got promoted. In the mean time we don't have a rep, which means when we have problems we get stuck with whatever rep isn't working and answers the phone or generic email. It stinks! We ordered a Wasp mini-bust for a customer and it didn't show up - it took the random rep a week to get back to us, after we bugged her three times, to tell us she couldn't get us any information and she'd get back to us in another couple of weeks. So, we asked around and found another retailer who was willing to part with one for cost so we will have one for this customer.

Today a bunch of our books, especially Marvel titles, were banged up. Thankfully we didn't have any where the full run was damaged so badly that we couldn't put any out (that has happened in the past). There were some trades, like 52 Vol 1, that were too damaged for us to put any out. We have enough for today, hopefully, of the undamaged ones - now we'll just have to wait until next week for replacements. When I sent in the damage report we received the replacement order report twice - so now I'm wondering if we'll get double orders.

When we did our Scott McCloud deal we got a bunch of TPB's from Diamond on consignment. We sent a bunch back - and according to the list we got back from Diamond - they lost some. So we had to call and have "random rep" check with the warehouse to see if they could find them so that we won't get charged.

Usually Diamond is OK - rarely are the problems so bad that I'm raging mad. But even these little problems get annoying when we don't have a regular rep to go to with them. And other stores have complained about their regular reps - so now Craig is worried that we'll get stuck with some idiot who doesn't know who Wonder Woman is or something.


James Meeley said...

I feel you, Lisa. Up here we didn't even get our comics today. Bad enough everything is delayed due to the ho,iday, but now we have to wait until tomorrow until my shop here gets them. The wearhouse who supplies this area of the US caused the screw-up, but my shop's rep told them, "it wasn't the usual problem." Oh, than makes it okay then, since you didn't screw-up in the usual way....

Ever since Diamnod has become THE distributor for this industry, their service has gone down the tubes, IMO. I never saw problems like this, as often as Diamond seems to have them now, when Capital City was still a competitor. Hell, even when Marvel ran their stuff through Heroes World, Diamond rarely had any problems (even though Marvel's boondoggle with HW is one of the key reasons why Diamond is a monopoly today).

As has been stated before, we need to break Diamond's strnaglehold on the Direct Market. They are holding it back in so many ways. It's sad, though, that there is little to nothing that can be done to change the situation. Grrrr... >:(

Lisa said...

I agree James. Diamond needs competition to force them to do a better job. But it just won't happen. Not with the exclusive contracts that are in place.

That's too bad that your LCS didn't get their comics again!! There must be a lot of issues over in that L.A. warehouse.

Scott King said...

I saw 52 Vol. 1 in Barnes&Noble last week. I've NEVER seen graphic novels there before they come out to comic book stores. Any idea why that would have happened?

When I'm rich I'll buy diamond and give it to you guys to run. Then you don't have to worry about problems cuase if their are problems you can just fire people.

James Meeley said...

Well, Heidi let her feelings be known about Diamond's cock-up this week. Check it out, because she even asks for some help: