Sunday, May 13, 2007

More Battlestar Galactica

It was rumored for a while that the 4th season of the Battlestar Galactica series would be it's last. However, on Friday Sci-Fi Wire reported that the fourth season will be "open ended," meaning that Eick and Moore don't plan on season four being the last season for the show.

Cool! I love the show! It's one of my favorites. Although most readers know that I wasn't 100% happy with this third season. But the first two were so good that I believe the show can bring back some of that greatness in the coming episodes. I also believe that once I get the third season on DVD and watch the whole thing again that it will be better than when I watched them originally.

The fourth season isn't scheduled to start airing on Sci-Fi until 2008 sometime (I hope early). In the mean time they're doing a 2-hour special on Sci-Fi and DVD that will show us a glimpse of what was going on with the Pegasus after the attack on Caprica and before they met up with the Galactica. That's supposed to air sometime this fall.

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