Monday, August 13, 2007

Power Man Returns!

From "The Beat"

Marvel's hippest hero for hire from Harlem, Luke Cage—a.k.a. Power Man—returns from the '70s with his own 2008-launching throwback mini-series.

Emmy Award-winning writer and illustrator Genndy Tartakovsky, known for his beloved animated series "Dexter's Laboratory," "Samurai Jack" and "Star Wars: Clone Wars," revives the fan-favorite tiara and chest hair-riffic open yellow shirt in a new out-of-continuity four-issue run taking a super-satirical look at 1970s Marvel comics.


Ben from Arizona said...


I mean... The belt says it ALL!

Can't wait for this!

munkeyboy said...

I've been really impressed with most of Genndy Tartakovsky's work so I trust the direction he might take it, but I've really liked how Cage has been appearing lately especially in Iron Fist.