Friday, December 21, 2007

DC March 08 Previews - My Take

Still 4 titles starting with the word "Countdown." meh.

A Raven mini-series by Marv Wolfman (pictured)- it sounds cool. I don't know why they have to start the title with "DC Special" thought. The art should be good too. Damion Scott will be doing the pencils (see more of his art here) and he did some Batgirl work that was good.

The Justice League: New Frontier Special is being solicited. I blogged about the movie and mentioned this special a couple of weeks ago. Darwyn Cooke is good stuff - pre order this from your LCS right after the New Year!!

Green Arrow and Black Canary are finally together in the comic book in issue #6! I'm hoping fun & adventures follow.

According to Green Lantern #29, Hal has a "secret origin" that will be revealed. Sometimes I get tired of publishers constantly revamping character origins to fit stories and events instead of doing the work and research to make the current stuff fit the original origin. But, Geoff Johns is doing it, so I'm sure it will be a good read.

Justice Society of America #11 has a pretty cover (pictured) and the Kingdom Come story continues.

The final issue of the maxi-series Trials of Shazam is scheduled to come out in March. I doubt it will since it's been running for the last several issues. And sadly, few people have stuck with it.

The Resurection of Ra's Al Guhl story is already being solicited - usually DC isn't this quick. But the good thing is that it looks like they're putting the whole story together instead of trying to separate it out into several books.

The Starman Omnibus is being solicited. It's a pretty fun story and only $50, which is pretty inexpensive for an ommibus. But this is one of SIX - which is a LOT of $50 books.

They're bringing Super Friends back!!! Too bad they're basing it on the toy line and not the original animated series. But I guess more kids will be interested if it has something they're familiar with.

The Supernatural: Origins trade is being solicited. If you missed the comics and like the show, pick this up. Several of the single issues are sold out, so the trade will be easier to track down. I wonder if they'll do another Supernatural series - this did a great job of bringing new people into the store.

The LEOG Black Dossier hard covers have barely adjusted to their new homes and they're already releasing it in an Absolute edition. WOW!

Young Liars (pictured), with art & writing by David Lapham, sounds interesting. I'll at least check out the first issue. Some misfit teen stories are good and some are annoying. We'll wait and see which this ends up being.

Secret Agent Cinderella is back in Fables! COOL!!

They're already soliciting Crayon Shincan Vol 2. Why must they do that before I even know if anyone wants to read it? Thankfully DC has a final order cutoff system in place.

The 13" Joker & Harley look cool. Expensive, but cool.

ANOTHER version of the Red Son action figures. Enough, already.

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