Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our TV Ad

We ran this for the last couple of months. I think it's pretty dang cute and we've seen a big increase in sales of the Minimates.

What do you think?

To see our other ads check out our YouTube page.


Baron V said...

Pretty fun looking ad there. I've never seen t.v. ads for comic shops here in So. Cal. Heck, I barely even see newspaper ads for them anymore or even a push on online advertising.

The only time I look for shops is in the Yellow Pages still.

ben from arizona said...

That was hilarious (meant in the best way possible). I'd visit your store after watching that!

Swinebread said...


James Meeley said...


This is great stuff. Much better than that first one, with the mom giving the family stuff from your shop at home. This one actually did a perfect job of showing, not only what your store is about and what you are selling, but the fun atmopsphere you are probably going to find there. In short, the perfect comic shop ad. Good show! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks everyone! We've been very happy with it. After FCBD comes & goes I'll have to post that ad for everyone to see. It should be another fun one.