Wednesday, June 11, 2008

House of Mystery

Have you read DC/Vertigo's House of Mystery #1 yet? It's written by the amazing Bill Willingham of Fables fame.

I read it a couple of weeks back now and let me say I very much enjoyed it. It's different from Fables, but equally as well written and captivating so far. There is the main story of the characters trapped in the mysterious bar. Plus then each character in the bar tells a story in an issue. They're crazy, they're weird, they're AWESOME.

The art is also very beautiful and gives the whole thing an air of fantasy and mystery.

This is another great comic book for those of you looking for something different, something without capes and beat-downs. Something for that person who enjoys different things. I recommend it for anyone who likes Fables, who enjoyed Umbrella Academy, fans of Sandman will also enjoy it.

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