Saturday, August 30, 2008

Art Feature - James Jean

I recently heard, via Scott's blog, that James Jean is leaving Fables. I am weeping. Now even more happy that I ordered a Fables Covers book for myself. His covers have been beautiful and I can't imagine who they'll find to fill in. Fables is one of those perfect storms in comics with fantastic covers, fantastic interior art (Mark Buckingham primarily) and fantastic stories (Bill Willingham). Hopefully DC/Vertigo has another awesome artist waiting in the wings to fill this vacancy. Jean's last issue is 81.

Jean wants to move on to do his own stuff, which is great for him. Except that I'll really miss those Fables covers.
His web site has some of his non-comic book stuff available for viewing, but none of his comic book art, sadly. However I did find another site full of the covers. While his style might not work for every comic book, he has found a way to get his artistic style of painted art to fit into the covers he has done - and work well.

Jean has won 4 Eisner Awars for Best Cover Artist, two Harvey Awards for Best Cover Artist, and the 2007 Eagle Award for Best Comic Book Cover. Clearly in the short time he's been in comics he has really impressed people. Not only has he done Fables, but there are some Green Arrow and Batgirl covers that he's done as well. Click on the montage above to see them closer. Farwell James Jean!

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