Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

Today is election day here in the united states, and we get to choose a new president today. If you have not yet voted and your area polls are still open, head out and get your vote cast - as long as you've done some research. Don't just vote to vote--make an educated decision.

I think that it doesn't matter who wins, the country is going through a rough time and neither president will be able to bring it around quickly. In addition, with a senate and house controlled by Democrats we can't expect the president to do much that those members don't want done. Plus the country and all of us seem to be so angry and politically divisive that either way people will be angry tomorrow when we have a new president elect.

OK. On to other things...

What do you think of this? (taken from ICv2)

Heroes' Shake-up

Alexander, Loeb Off Show

Published: 11/03/2008 01:09am

In a weekend shake-up, co-executive producers Jesse Alexander and Jeph Loeb have been removed from the staff of Heroes, according to Variety. The show’s ratings have been sagging this year. The show’s production has also been running over budget, according to the report.

Low ratings and high costs - never good in TV land. Personally I think this season is better than last year's partial season. But the show does seem to have too many story lines running and too much time jumping for most people's taste.

Did you hear, David Tennant is off Dr Who. That makes me oh so very very sad. I really really liked him as the Doctor. One of these days I will have to check out the old, classic show, just to see how it compares to the new one I've so enjoyed. (The comics are great too, by the way) Rich on his LITG at CBR says that Tennant wanted more pay, a movie, and a break in 2011, but BBC wasn't going for it.

Speaking of LITG, Rich said last week that it looks like $3.99 may become the new base price for most Marvel comics in 2009. Is this price too high? In this economy it may be. Barns & Noble and Borders are already feeling an economic pinch. People are already cutting back with the $2.99 price. Can the industry still sell comics at the higher price? I think we can, but in this economy it will be trickier. Or at least sell as many comics. We may see more switches from periodicals to trades. We may see people cutting back more, keeping what they spend about the same but buying fewer titles. We already see more and more comics coming out at that higher price, so there is a chance it could just be a seamless change for many people. Personally I'd like to see the price stay at $2.99, maybe $3.50, and that's that. But look at magazines - many sell for $8 and up! Can writers and artists sustain a career at the $2.99 price - are the publishers able to pay a fair wage for work? Or do we need an increase in the cover price? Will YOU cut back if the price goes up?

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