Friday, June 12, 2009

Major Marvel Announcement

As of today we're not sure what the big announcement is, but we've been promised that it IS big! It has to do with Captain America and takes place in issue #600 of Captain America.

It is SO big in fact that in an unprecedented move Marvel comics and Diamond Distribution are partnering to get that issue into comic book stores the day the news hits the wire - Monday, June 15th. This advanced sale opportunity is extremely unusual, in fact aside from the midnight release of The Stand #1 I don't recall another time in the years Neptune has been open in which retail stores were sent a comic book before it's Wednesday release date and allowed it to be sold before that date. Marvel seems to be banking on the fact that this will definitely be news that not just comic book readers, but the general public, will be interested in and want to own.

Not every comic book retailer is taking advantage of the advanced release, but we are at Neptune Comics! Our UPS typically arrives between 11 am and 2 pm, and we will have the comic book ready to be sold as soon as we can tear the box open.

There will be an additional wave of the comic arriving on the regular Wednesday release day, so if you miss out on Monday you should be sure to put your name on a list for Wednesday. But personally I recommend heading to Neptune or another store that will have the books for sale on Monday and browsing while you wait for the issue to arrive. By then the word should be out on what the big news!

UPDATE: Comic Book Resources Cup O Joe, Joe Q says about Cap #600: From the retailer standpoint, what they simply have to observe is the sort of investment we're making in this. We're putting a lot of effort into promoting #600. If we didn't think #600 was going to be something that's going to blow off the stands, we wouldn't be doing this. I can't think of an occasion where we sat here and bait and switched people. "You have to buy this monumental issue. You have to order hundreds of these" – and then not have something significant happen in the story. You may notice in the preview pages an emphasis on African American characters, reinforcing Craig's Theory I blogged about a couple of weeks back.

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Bully said...

Hooray! I bet it's an all-Batroc issue!